Bankster’s Poker Games

Bankster’s Poker Gains

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Strong Buy
Dear Contra_Folk, 

Never get in the way of a big budget drama production, or even a low budget POMO shoot for that matter.  For it seems like events are unfolding just as predicted on this the eve of Chintrialia’s Potash Production deal being conditionally-approved by The Financial Post and a senior director of CNBS today, both of which are one day ahead of it being officially announced by the Federal Government of Canada.

Oharper`s Tiny Tony`s (Author of Industry Canada’s Insider’s Guide to The Investment Canada Act of China is a must read) timing seems a little contrived however, with a Nov 3rd midnight 12:00pm “self-imposed deadline” for a before-the-market-opening to break up the Cdn.\Chicago oligopoly supporting the fertilizer cartel against China`s food supply interests.

Especially, as it so nicely coincides with the FMOC Insider Statement regarding another possible trillion-billion dollar (guess how big fat my skinny empty wallet is…) iBonker robbery of the middle class, along with other iBonker hedge funds playing long in a little short $10 Billion dollar road show capital raise game for Government Motor`s POMO – induced poker game of international capital markets pump & dump, and, oh yes, the midterm election results… all yielding nothing of any consequential meaning whatsoever.

Nonetheless, a busy news day scheduled ahead for tomorrow – and a great time to bury a bad “protectionist food supply war“ news story between the bigger headlines, but likely not.  We think that the Gmen will instruct the primary dealers (PMD’s) to pump some more volume into POT and others, in an attempt to kick-start any embers or traces of economic expectation of future growth (and not just inflation) in a seemingly repetitive demonstration of voter-frustration during this decades long deleveraging depression.

It is recommended by a few that one rent living quarters and buy one’s next house (only out of bank foreclosure) for cents on the dollar, but only with good clean title insurance obtained in advance of closing, and most importantly, ONLY when interest rates for a published 5 year mortgage exceed 8%, even better will be a 10-12% rate for your first few years of your brand new retirement program which includes a new 25-year amortized mortgage from your local bank and more likely a local credit union, for only then will you know you got a “great deal“ on your house price.

For few if anybody else will be able to carry a 8%+ mortgage loan at these inflated mortgage amounts (based upon inflated house asking/selling prices), and you will then have the luxury of choice, and “deals of a lifetime“ on the best gated communities for you to bask in the splendor of your timing and animal spirit wisdom, and where you hopefully can safely retire when it`s paid off and spend the rest of your days away from the hustle and bustle of an ongoing decades long, deleveraging-depression.

So when borrowing rates rise, and one day they will… and must, to once again allow for the formation of capital pools and money flows, and to once again induce a saver to earn an after-tax real return, and thus when we mark a return to normal free market rates, the income needed to carry that same 4% per $100,000 mortgage at 8% is now well over 50% higher, and yet we know of a very few who will get 50% year over year pay increases in the years ahead (see Bloomberg story) to service or be approved.

So the way this works itself out is not magic.  The average housing price simply has to be allowed to drop, fall, or even plunge to match the average wage or income level, and now that importantly, must match with the new higher carrying costs of 8%+ mortgage money available to fund any real estate purchase transaction.
Now Breaking News From Bloomberg:
…The Social Security Administration has requested its inspector general to investigate how a $32.3 billion mistake skewed its statistics on all 2009 wages in the U.S. Two (2) people were found to have filed multiple W-2 forms that made them into multibillionaires, an agency official said yesterday. Those two (2) reports threw statistical wage tables out of whack and, in figures released Oct. 15, made it appear that top U.S. earners had seen their pay quintuple in 2009 to an average of $519 million. The agency yesterday released corrected tables that showed the average incomes of the top earners, in fact, declined 7.7percent to $84 million each.  Social Security spokesman Mark Lassiter provided few details about the W-2 forms and declined to answer questions about how they were filed, how many were filed by the same two people, or if a hoax was suspected. “We call it erroneous, you call it fictitious. It’s the same thing,” Lassiter said.“There were some invalid, I guess is the best way to put it, W-2s.” …


Back to the future and fast forward to this time and day next week, when we will have the capital market’s confidence roaring ahead at new 52-week highs, and the midterm’s (iBankster’s still and always, in Corporate control) results of which are akin to giving back the car keys to another reckless speed junkie, the intoxicated alcholic, and the now infamously “self-diagnosed“ sex addict money club we call the un-elected Members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

Remaining Independent,
Contra_Man (I)


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