Bankster Day Dec 7th: A Global Revolution Begins…

posted on 11/19/2010
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Dear Contra_Folk,

Here is the outline for the global Bankster Day run. The Plan: Go to your TBTF bank, near bank, shadow bank, but heck no, not your credit union on Tuesday, Dec 7th, 2010 simply withdraw and remove all of your funds in cash.   It’s that simple to join in the fun.

Alternatively, certified money drafts also work well (payable to yourself), and you can even login to your online banking and email yourself your life savings and just leave the email way, way up in the clouds…. and vote for some real life change upstairs.

Even if it costs you an overpriced $25 service fee – it will feel good to know you are taking a stance about how you feel about another decade, or two…, of no jobs / no-growth / no interest.  Say no more… demand your money back, and let us all together hit ’em where it hurts them most.

Cash-on-hand, or Tier 1 capital reserve ratios of less than 10% that then allow 33x, 66x, 99x leverage is a new age Bankster’s main problem, and so too shall the reverse be true – for a lethal 10% combination knockout punch to the good old cash reserves.

The New Civic Demonstration Model is No Violent Protests, No Blood, No Death, or Destruction, Not Even A Peep.

Time is now.  Time to make your actions known to your Central Banksters, by now voting much differently this time, and by moving our little capitalistic feet in unison, by creating, inducing, and promoting an old-fashioned “Run on the Banks”, but this time, and day of OUR choosing.

The Ruling Elite will have one too many structural and incremental problems to contain at all once, and thus the ruling élite will be overwhelmed with a lack of fiscal, budgetary, and monetary power to contain the blow out spreads – and will lose the ultimate control over the Dow’s 0% interest rates and limitless share buy backs, and taxpayer’s QE money printing, which along with non-regulation of TBTFs which is now the main problem holding us all back from regeneration – and your next, great paying job.

By us withdrawing all of our hard-earned after-tax savings, all at once, on Dec 7th, we can together help ourselves start real economic change.   Plan to Make Change Happen.

First goal (within 30 days), remove old Bankers from power – including the power élite ruling class (Oligarch) from holding complete, yet un-democratic, monetary control and ultimately the power presently being used to suppress the nation’s economic future as it at the same time, holds its very own people in a semi-permanent state of economic emergency crisis hostage taking of our own collateral.

Second, replace these globally-linked Banksters, now placed as non-globally-linked, and suddenly we have a new source for local lending (incl. institutional), and thus we can create strong, well-capitalized, newly formed local lending Co-Operatives (Co-Op’s) designed in a way that rewards incentives to prudently lend and invest, and to pay fair market interest rates for savings formation and asset accumulation.  Sounds Good.  Just Do it.

Time to serve people and their small businesses on December 7, 2010.

Heads Up,


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2 Responses to Bankster Day Dec 7th: A Global Revolution Begins…

  1. Sounds good, use cash to buy gold and silver coins instead…

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