Scanner Scams & Hostile Uninvited Guests

posted originally on 1/6/2010 12:25:14 PM | 272 reads
Dear Contra_Folk, 

Looks like we are moving markets, once again without any volume to fight…, and have decided not to play along with the trading trend for commodities and instead shorting gold, oil and nat. gas.  Amusing to watch the VIX drop to an all year low of 18.50 crashing down the charts at the same time gold crosses 1140 up $20.  Nothing…Just Inflation.

Looking forward, we find statistics a rather unpleasant form of business art…like accounting theory.  For regarding the Dept of Labor tracking error of unemployment as compared to the ADP payroll numbers, it seems the Gmen have understated, surprise, the amount of unemployment reported over the last year (2009) by a cumulative total approximately 600,000-800,000.  When is it convenient to tell the truth?

Adding insult to injury, we see today the announcement – all while Parliament is prorogued, a sudden new addition of 44 full-body scanners to Canada’s national airports….    Wonder how anyone can keep even the homeland security position safe without adequate scanners for bomb material. Uninvited guests gives you an indication of your real safety and true concern.  Wag the Dog Part IV.  It was not a real true intelligence problem, let us not be misdirected into the realm of intel co-operation myths, for even correct ‘lists’ cannot find a bomb up the ass of a ‘new’ no-name fourteen (now 11) year old named Mouhammad flying alone, even with checked luggage, a passport, and with a visa.

For it is now a fact that there was never any real threat of airline terror over the last decade.  Especially since there NEVER WAS ANY PROTECTION over the last decade in the first place!  Without having non-metallic molecule level airport scanners in place for bomb material, we were never…and still are not, safe at all.

Privacy concerns were the reason we did not have proper scanners installed since 9/11.  I say @!%?&*(&?!  U say….?

New Scanner Analyst,


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