Leaky Weakie Links

Dear Contra_Folk,

After trillions in QE 89.5 Lite fails to grip (money multiplier effect DOA) and doesn’t improve the domestic employment situation (U-6 17%) – perhaps it is because the money is not staying domestic as per initial economic re-investment model design.

It apparently is rapidly leaking outside of the targeted area, resulting in unintentional stoking and pushing up global inflation rates everywhere without lowering the dollar.  Basic food goods cost much more of late, some locals say, are up 300% or more in asia y-o-y,  and the poor are getting whacked the hardest as per usual.

Conspiracy thought: maybe the money is leaking out of the system into stagnant gold and silver positions, instead of stoking the hiring plans for next year – nobody knows.  Maybe it’s sitting in storage, hunkered down like billions of the new 100 dollar paper note – held up for printing errors….but maybe a supply reduction maneuver – who knows.  Without the new 100 dollar bills not being put into circulation, how does cash (paper notes of currency) get into the banking system, and how does inflation show up if physical paper money is held back under lock and key?

So what if, Jullio, could be blamed then not for just leaked intel info, but rather for the prime reason of this systemic QE monetary policy failure from unknown areas of monetary multiplier “leakage” – through the less controlled “pay-a-pal-esque” dark wire movements of international funds transfer?  Stop printing the biggest paper bill in circulation could be a plan.

Besides controlling all known sources and flow of funds, this weakileak manhunt is likely just a distraction while the other hand of Big Brother (IRS) is trying to track down the “mules” of the all important global payment system the oligarchy can still use and exploit worldwide is my bet.

The total face value of the unusable bills, $110 billion,represents more than ten percent of the entire supply of US currency on the planet, which a government source said is $930 billion in banknotes.For now, the unusable bills are stored in the vaults…” Examiner Locked Away Bills

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