Copper’s New Ph.D. in Alternative Energy

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Here’s how this works: the Sun’s magnetic field is extremely complicated, with lots of magnetic field lines embedded in packets of ionized gas (called plasma) that rise and fall beneath the surface.


These field lines can pierce the Sun’s surface, loop up, and then come back down to create a complete circuit (as you can see in the SDO pic above; the plasma follows the field lines and glows). All these field lines can get tangled up, like a sack full of stretched springs, and there’s a huge amount of energy that can be stored in these magnetic fields. If one of them suddenly connects with another it can release its energy, snapping other lines… and you get an enormous cascading release of energy.

Think rare earths, tantalum hafnium carbide (Ta4HfC5), and then think of China’s recent imports of copper (hoarding), but not as in the old Ph.D. in forward-looking economics kind of way, but rather that copper could simply be in the midst of a major repricing event, your “Eureka” moment if you will – for it may, one day soon, represent the required “fuel” for free, continuous, on-site, emission-free carbon-less power, otherwise known as Alternators with Hydromagnetic Engines.

Flotor (TM) power is an efficient form of next generation renewable hydromagnetic energy (patented #1085918 & trademarked) but generally dismissed by Wall Street’s limited funding of non-fossil &bio-fuelled alternative energy advocates as a perpetual motion energy machine that defies the laws of physics.

Einstein was once quoted saying, “If at first, the idea is not considered truly absurd, then there is no chance for it in succeeding.”

In short, the inventor discovered that by wrapping copper wire around an electrically-charged steel sphere, that it can induce electron formation through applying counter-natural magnetism forces by way of a spinning magnet flysphere, which spins like a suspended “counter-magnetic” beach ball inside an enclosed box, within a special encapsulated liquid volume enclosure of plasma that is filled with sand-like (rare earth) particles which react with a “pin wheel pulsation effect” once in motion, and thus creates an electrical discharge or current from the “steel & copper beach ball” on outwards, which can then be gathered and converted into direct current (DC) electrical supply, for near-endless, free energy.

“Free” power engines, once you get your spinning magnet working, and all you basically need for a magnet drive train is copper wire (disclosures: long HKU-tsx) & carbon steel (X-N)(FCX-N) for hydromagnetism to work and to provide clean, on-site, continuous, and emission-free nex/gen hydromagnetic electricity.  Requests for technical and investor prototype information development, along with any other media inquiries, are available through contacting
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