Operation: Solar Storm

Dear Contra_Folk,

Today, we are taking a break from “Kicking the Can 2011/12” budgetary debate over who isn’t playing kabuki political games, all while non-reported budget-busting items like TARP, QE1, QE2, and many other entitlements programs,  (AIG, Fanny, Freddie, etc.) worth trillions are not being planned, or budgeted for, in ANY YEAR.

So on to more topical events of the day.  Did you hear the noise from our neighbour’s Valentine’s Day big explosion last night in bed?  Apparently yesterday, was the start of a large solar energy flare show that was spotted ejaculating spews of electromagnetic energy all over the known Universe… including yours truly.  No really

NASA suggests this whole week is going to be a magnetic light show.

Solar flares likely will be a phenomena that will blind side all of humanity at some point in time going forward.   In it’s path, leaving behind many of today’s popularized “cloud computing” stability and disaster recovery issues, and “GPS” and “Satellite” reliance effects…, so to put it mildly, disruptions of unknown length and effect.

The sheer damage to our way of life, especially through our facebooked twitting environment of mass txt communications and technological advancements, our global information systems & stock markets,  and payment of account inter-connectivity, and most importantly, our uncontrolled and ever-growing dependence on a web service backbone that is systematically and structurally and architecturally flawed from the beginning as it is exposed to complete destruction from a far away land.  The Sun.

The Sun should be/must be understood and studied more, for it holds greater importance than most of us realize.

Good and the Bad.

The Good is, if we can harness this huge source of constant flowing magnetic energy (see pic below), say through second generation Flotor (TM) technology, near free energy will unlock a stunningly amazing future no doubt.

However, the bad side of solar flare storms is that they can send gamma rays, and other debris back into, and through, the orbiting Earth – disrupting all your electronics, power grids, gps, internet and intranets, cellular communications, and a host of other modern day “just in time” inconveniences.

Earth-Sun Solar Flare Electromagnetic Energy Continuum (NASA)

So for now, we will be just looking to the stars.  Hopefully one day, we can make sense of it all.  Can you sail the Seas by looking to the Stars for direction? We all should.




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