Print More Gold-Backed Tungsten Bars as Reserve Currency Backing

Dear Contra_Folk,

Stack a hundred clay bricks on a pallet in your F150’s truck bed and with a few cans of gold spray paint you too could have a new global reserve (non-fiat) asset backed currency linked to the gold price just like the US and CDN central banksters/mints.

Another Contra_Conspiracy Projection:  Fresh Mint

Due to the demise of the USD, and based upon non-reported inflation effects of the USD’s decline vs. most other f/x in terms of purchasing power…, the Fedheads decide to return to the almighty gold backed reserve currency of yester-years.

Yes, we say Fort Knox is back in business, and then some.   New storage warehouses filled to the rafters with Gold Backed Currency Reserves for all to SEE but no, no, no touch.

Ne touch pas.  Electro analyzable machines are forbidden in the gold storage warehouses, as is any sharp objects that could be used to scrape the gold paint off the bars of tungsten held under military lock and key at said Fort Knox.   So, they rigged everything else why not gold bars audited once every five years without any chemical composition analysis whatsoever.

We say it’s gold, so it is.   We also have a big bazooka and, yes we can spend even more of your taxpayer money with QE 3 and drive the markets to the moon forever on fake economic morphine.  The higher the price of gold ultimately over the next decade will simply then strengthen the resulting now gold-backed USD$.

Let’s play a game with Crizco shall we,


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