Emergency: Alpha & Gamma Ray Fallout North 40!/?/!

Dear ContraFolk,

Sometimes the hair on your neck stands up, sometimes you look at the clock and every time it reads something :11,  like 9:11am or 12:11pm … and sometimes the news just doesn’t add up.   Like today, we hear after a full nuclear meltdown in Japan taking now seven days of spewing more and ever more “unannounced” poison into the atmosphere.

“Nothing to worry about” they, the media, say.  ContraMan is a scare monger will be said as well.   So, I will present just two facts and you can decide if it is all just a co-incidence -as I head below the equator for a week or so of tactical radiation avoidance manoeuvres today.

Radiation has decreased as the fallout hits California today, luckily higher up in the atmosphere.   Tomorrow and the next few days will cause the radioactive fallout to drop from higher levels of the atmosphere, down to the ground as the jetstream heads north and cools the energy causing unsafe readings in some northern locations.   Rain will make things even worse.

So on that news, read on.

Brazil- “The first family — along with Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson — will appear at a series of joint and family events during their five-day trip. A White House aide says Robinson and her granddaughters, Malia and Sasha Obama, could appear with the first lady at some events.”

Nice time for  a family Trip Down South???

In North America, the jet stream should be followed closely over the next 5 days.  Avoiding the new Green Glowing Plague would be recommended.

Go South Young Man, Go to South America,



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