Banksters’ Vow: “Must …Raise…Hard…Cap…Debt…Ceiling…Limit.”

posted on 4/20/2011 11:00:09 AM

Dear Contra_Folk,

What are the chances the loveable Fink’s and Blankmind’s of the TBTF organized Bankster’s Union #13, their retained lobbyists, un-elected Brotherhood of Fedsury Reserve Boards, Comptrollers, Generals, D.O.J.’s and democratic (albeit non-representative) Congressmen and White House Administration being told, by themselves, to themselves, … that they can no longer write, transfer, steal unlimited middle class taxpayer funds through Sec.Getitoutohere’s $14.3T kabuki theater production company playing ongoing skits of socializing bankster credit losses through crappy-asset swaps and other junk collateral repos, to only then allow the funneling and withdraw of large often tax-free privatized gains for its primary dealer-only membership card touting cartel?   50/50?

What odds would you give the Bankster’s finding some religion, and somehow inducing real hard spending limits?   Remote are the chances of a self-imposed austerity plan which instills rules that say their bonus pools cannot benefit any further, …any longer…, from consistently “un-budgeted” and unlimited dark funding pools which when accessed through evermore Z.I.R.P (zero interest rate policy) for overnight funds, can be used to pump the global index futures and all the pre-markets – including the Oil/Health Care/Defence Fund 30 otherwise known as the Dow Jones Index.  50/50?

S&P earnings/multipliers extrapolated (incl. discounting taxpayer’s future net worth’s) via quantitative easing (Q.E.2), which we all agree, induced brief moments of noticeable plutocratic drip-down tricklenomics, but which then immediately proceeded to morph into bankrupting the debt ceiling, causing a general worldwide cost-push commodity hyperinflation shock and awe mission through the Fed’s unlimited stimulus lending programs issuing cash for any uncollectible, near zero-rated, and likely non-existent AAA+ rated sovereign collateral asset class created out of thin air during this 2008-11 refunding time period.

It’s Even Better Than Barter You Say?

Think of what you could do knowing that you could issue “certificates”, or simply issue and “print” your very own Russell 5000 publicly issued global currency certificates called, shares.  Knowing that, what if you also controlled the number of issued and outstanding paper share certificates that are exchangeable into cold hard cash, and how you could… with a little help from some friends, share printing and stock buy-backs with those friends…, to help create or contract the expansion/contraction of the monetary supply of investable asset base without any need for any further taxpayer-funded access to QE3 – and yet fully still rig Mr. Free Market completely to your trading benefit for several more years?   Would you?  50/50?

Take a look at the Dow 30 stock certificate issuance and redemptions filings of recent times.   Mr.Softie, McD, Citi, Intel, even GoldmanSlacks earnings release yesterday, where they announced they had nearly the same share float outstanding in Q1/11, as compared to Q4/10 last year, but that was after buying back with over 50% of the shareholder’s quarterly profits 9 million GS shares from the market – having a mark value of $1.47B in the first three months of 2011 (that along with Warren’s $5B repayment check) it is an easy money policy at GS no matter who is at the helm.

For we all hear the common budgetary decree:  “It’s Not About Spending”.., Stupid.
“It’s About Entitlements!”

Hear those silent voices of the 20% U-6 unemployed, those non-contributory types.., and thus non-full entitlement receiving future contributor annuitant.   No Tail Risk! 

Translation: “You Getta Only Whatta You Puttina!” It’s about Medicare and Entitlement programs “they” say.  For entitlements are Programs that are only for those entitled (via contributions or past service in the first place), and thus, those contributions must be “re-paid” back to the contributor, or failing that, monies should then be added to the remaining pool for the benefit of the entitled contributors – not the Banksters’ hedge funds.  But to steal those contributions and hold them ransom against further uncontrolled spending of the middle class taxpayer’s future taxes by the Oligarchy is just nasty.

GrandParent Vigilantes Unite

$65T Unfunded Future Entitlements + $14.3T Debt + $3T Budget Deficit Increase = Greek-like $82.3T

What is that as a percentage of future U.S. 2012-13 GDP?  A Big Fat Greek-Styled 200+% of total G.D.P. output.

But, that is exactly what will be voted and passed (with future hard caps we are assured to be effective someday…) in next month or two by our democratic Representatives who are paid to kick the can down all roads that end in Washington’s Bankster’s Lobbyists’ doorsteps.    All legislative votes in favor, are dirty deeds done dirt cheap to save the non-lending Bankster’s margins – to make sure oversized profit-sharing checks for all on the inside, those same insiders who also pay an effective <20% M.T.R. if we are ever so lucky to exclude capital gains non-taxation of these risk takers.   Offshore bonus corporations are leading the U.K. Regulatory Shopping to land the bonus pool in a friendly tax jurisdiction – along with a repatriated tax rate so soft it wouldn’t hurt a butterfly’s feet to land there, even if it’s all fully taxed at 5%.

No budgetary talks on overpaying for the 20% Dow Jones Defence spending covering three unfunded Oil Wars, or the 25% of the Budget wasted in bribing Health care Oligopolies to stay uncompetitive, or the sneaky 16% of the Budget for “Unplanned Discretionary Spending”.    In summary, 61% of next years Budget is apparently out of Gubbermint’s controls, but that is not the case with the 39% prepaid entitlement contributions for a promised service yet to be delivered by Gubbermint, now at some changed point in the future.   There  must be a defence contractor entitlement contribution fund to receive corporate entitlement contributions that go towards helping pay for the cost of defence contractor industry spending?  No?… Pity.   Must be fun playing in the taxpayer’s money pit sandbox –  getting unrestricted access to the “bid-less” DOW 30 multi-billion dollar national defence and supplier/logistics contract trade. 

2% is the chance of a taxpayer “used tea bag party” led “force majeure” of “… in your Bankster’s face with disgrace”.

Bankster’s will only stop stealing our children’s limited amounts of future anticipated tax receipts or “operating currency” from the taxpayer once the taxpayer is flat dead-panned broke, and can no longer supply the quantity, or quality, of the drugs needed to keep the steamroller machine moving forward.  Then, where will they go?  That… is the really, really exciting question.
98% chance of the overdraft account of the middle classes’ future generations equivalent of a lifetime’s contributed tax revenues will be spent by the Banksters’ Plutocracy.   99.8% most likely.

No Votes Abstained,


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