Must Lower Debt Ceiling $1

Dear Contra_Folk,

Watching two trillion busy bees attempting to pollinate class warfare through more trillion dollar market-gaming deficit spending stimulus robbery through more socialized losses, and even less drip down middle classes‘ non-stimulus and often job stifling taxation base expansion creep (now, future, and evermore… Banksters’ all say, “Amen!”).

Out To Sea By Super Committee

Ever more slogans yelling “Return the Free Market” with $2T in more socialized stimulus via $2T in more deficit spending from the next generation – a generation where 60% of all government tax receipts would be used up @ 6% (not for jobs, health care, infrastructure or energy policies…) but just to pay the borrowed debt’s interest costs (debt assumed to be near $17.5T) which presently stands at just 5% of total federal committed cash flow tax receipts but again @ a whopping 0%! (BZIRP – Banksters’ Zero Interest Rate Policy for “overnight” 24 hr payday loan lending programs).    Who here would like to live through a time where not 5% is spent on interest carrying costs, but rather 60% of the national budget.   God Bless indeed.  There becomes a point in time where it all rests not on governments but upon the private secretive wealth hidden deep in the free markets – for there is always a willingness for someone to earn money (gold) for exchange of goods and services.

$2.9 Trillion  / 18 Months = $166 Billion per Month

Political plans of runaway Gubbermint socialized losses and money losing spending programs for the Dow and S&P benefit together as this fact that 45% of all health care costs consumed in the United States, is paid for, not by plans or individuals or businesses, but by the Gubbermint directly.   Compromises, and false alternatives abound like tough cuts this time (like spending on social firework displays on the 4th of July – “imagine the money saved with corporate sponsorships” quotes a straight-faced Congressman) as a budgetary deficit shaving exercise.

Getting from Principles to The Devil’s Details

Again notice the slant towards “spending more taxpayer money” short-term; but “not solving the deficit” in either the “long-term” or the “short-term”.   Why not a five (5) year, or sixty month, turn around re-structuring plan?  Why change the oil in the car if you are planning to drive it over the cliff in a month or two?

US Government Assets     $   3 T
US Government Liabilities   -43
US Negative Net Worth      $ (40) Trillion =  No Default Risk?

Cut (the crap) and Balance

Although it all seems unacceptable (balance budget amendments), we all must come back and do this all over again… but for even more middle class taxpayer uncertainty involving the next $3-5 Trillion “Grand Bargain” budget deficit negotiation “heist” of post-election year 2013.

Election Results does not = Introduced Legislation.  Vive La Democratie!

Officially on record to ban back doors,


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