Don’t Want To Go To Debt Rehab… No, No, No.

Dear Contra_Folk,
It’s 1:00am, do you know where your Senator is? Taxpayer money (like calcium) is best taken over time.  “Nobody got what they wanted…” except possibly a TRILLION DOLLARS upfront NOW from the “next” no-growth middle class.

Time to Eat Two Trillion Peas

What if, China (not R or D) was forcing the $ Trillion dollar deal for raising the debt ceiling 20% in order to allow China to cash out (watch TIC data) from holding about 40% Asian-held US treasury notes, to selling about $1.4 trillion worth of Dalong long-gone China Agency rated BBB- paper back to its US citizens and “buy only” pension institutions?  Could sovereign holdings go from 60/40 to 100/0 in 18mths?

Peak “Unborn” Debt:

Maybe some cuts from the next Administration in 8-10 yrs to control ballooning future DOW Baby-Boomer heath care costs, SPY‘s entitlement benefiting from bedside pharma re:demographic costs and the QQQ‘s no bid Homeland, TSA & National Security Sub-Contractors.

Just Say “NO” To Debt
Do the math… this is no longer even kicking the can down the inflation highway anymore, this a trillion+ dollar punt… no rather an all-base green light “triple steal” signal for the Bankster Kleptocrats.

Lending Institutions Can Be Replaced
Notice the use of the term lately “quality of flight”, say from, not towards…,  treasury bonds into FDIC government insured, mid-sized, non-globally interconnected regional banks opening multiple accounts to play LIBOR vs. Government-sponsored Bank Account guaranteed rate.

Re-Balancing the Banksters
Money in motion, please meet the new recently passed and capital raising US banking stress test III.   Moving the shell from treasury bonds into the Bankster’s tier 1 ratio.   Around and around, where this stops nobody knows.  What it may do, thankfully, is start replenishing the smaller, non-tbtf “real world” lending institutions with lending capital providing growth from investable capital (not as currently held on Bankster’s balance sheets as “not available for FMV sale” in the TBTF) vis-a-vis professional financial small business lending and mid-sized commercial financing services.

"Captain, The Free Market Economy Needs More Taxpayer Juice!" Gene 'sing-a-song' Sparling, Econ. Assistant to the President 

Elections Do Not Equal Introduced Legislation.  Vie la Democrazy.

With no taxes raised to pay for wars, or aging infrastructure, or its population – its just bracket creep all while keeping the Top 20% who control 80% of stock wealth from “paying / stealing” low capital gains taxes rates (with 15%-25% discounts to ordinary middle class earned income) for the rich.By The Time A Decision Reaches My Desk, It’s a Tough Non-Decision To Make.

As a Nation, we don’t have to decide these things now.  As long as someone earning, in successive years, say a $70m reported capital/income gain pays his/her share with a 15% tax rate as long as everybody else earning $65k is paying 33.5% tax rate: gee, … no GE.

All Ratings Co’s Downgraded,


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