Markets Without Price Discovery…Aren’t Markets

Dear Contra_Folk,

They’re simply rigged auctions for the highest bidder to then reward themselves with absolute control for their sole profit taking.  This power enables Fedsury Banksters (Emergency Stability Fund) to then swing for the fences with free will, and with zero logic, or sentiment towards the economic consequence of those actions.  Dictatorial power with no oversight results in “no-contest” settlements.

Pretend to End the Fed    As they control the various markets, they can produce any outcome of faux price discovery, or anticipated result for which they profit from… both up and down.    The best performing hedge fund for 2011 was the Federal Reserve Branch of New York.  93% of the time, not always,  profiting “both ways” from having the ultimate control of “printed prices” is quite an advantage; for it does not take long to “earn back” the “profits” necessary from the future modelled housing mortgage write-offs, the Standfor and Madman ponzi write-offs, the financial crisis write-offs, the MF Global write-offs, the EuroCrisis write downs,  Frankie Doubts Basel Legislation and other sovereign future credit events, etc.

Every Crisis/Credit Event = New Profit Centre

What this should mean to you Contra_Folk, is that you should consider taking a decade, or two, off from the rigged game.   Contra_Folks’ most important quality for risk hedging is mobility. Consider leaving this playground entirely and go somewhere else with your marbles.  Perhaps creating your own mini private equity fund – offline, and design purposefully useful utilities for oneself and even maybe provide utility to/for others, think and help grow local, and in most cases, your new sandbox will be much more secure, personally rewarding, and financially successful endeavour towards finding a dividend worth discounting and finding real GARP (Growth at a Reasonable Prices).

New Efficient Frontiers

Hard to do with a billion kazillion, that’s the 1%’s true problem (effective diversification of ones net worth) but relatively possible and fairly easy to accomplish with today’s technological innovators (micro lending sites, bitcoin, angel networks, etc) with a few hundred thousand… all the way to a few dozen million.

Rent-A-New Start with LifeStart (TM) or visit

Into to owing stocks in businesses? Perhaps now you should try owing real business(es)?  How about an idea like purchasing and eventually owning a 15-unit, or if you can, a 150 unit, vertically integrated trending hot spot location.   You, your friends, and family could de-register your multi-decade stagnant RRSPs, 401(k)’s, college education funds, borrow to invest some more money into the business – and write the whole thing off.  No net change. Rocking chair taxable income to net zero.  Except now if your business grows (unlike a certain can-kicking debt funded faux markets) and doubles or triples over the next ten or twenty years, it will likely be 100% tax free (with LCGE).

Mobile Work Farce

Did you know that you can now get BDC to finance (at 3.5%) a new form of turn-key investment vehicles for achieving your long term investment goals.   They’ll give you the development money for your head office and help you organize your own management company, taking a solid 10% or 15% supervising fee (your retirement dividend cheque) for having the foresight in hiring a live-in superintendent to manage and collect the rent from your newly furnished commercial enterprise(s) & a suite of furnished private rental housing units/properties.   All of these commercial and residential units are “rent to own” for the workers.   So if desired, they could “rent-to-own” both housing suites and the commercial businesses from you over time – all at a compounded 12.5% interest rate per annum, for you the business owner, to earn out over time as well.

Get Approved Today with NewStart (TM) and Improve Your Lot in Life Today! Call 1-888-NEW-START Now.

Not being limited to just the services industry (internet bars, coffee shops, hair/barbers, massage, yoga, laundry, take away food prep services, health food stores, organic grass fed butchers, smart phone centre), why not target “unlisted” information age businesses, aiding the transition over the internet from the industrial age to the new information age.  Prototype plastic layering printers, nano technology hubs, for if information is knowledge, and knowledge is real power, then power is always able to be generated at a point in time when information is allowed to roam free.  Somewhat like the internet of yester years.

No Tracking Error For This Trend

That was until 2008, when the domain of Warren McGraws, Blooming Bliderbugs, Cloak Bros. Institute, or Routers from Chateau Lafite trembled and crumbled.   Nowadays that control is accomplished through Sovereign Central Banksters, Plutocrats’ Puppeteers, who are all willing to issue more bonds/print (causing dollar devaluation to purchase goods and services) of taxpayers’ future promises, for future taxation, on future generations…, but not us, not now – we’re too poor.  Just look a the merry go round with the BOC singing Canary, ex-goldenslacker, who now heads the global Financial Instability Board along with Global Capital Clearing Settlements newly appointed Duddley Fuddley, NY Club Fed Member, who also just took over the Canary’s recently vacated position at the head of global settlements.

So today, we are selling out three (3) units in both Udow-n (+14%) and Upro-N (+19%).  Adding (5) five brand new money units into TVIX-n, adding the one (1) last unit in HVU-t to increase exposure to one full position of implied volatility for a date later this month.    Da VIX is now simply just another ESF Fedsury manipulated can-kicking “risk off/return on” propaganda measurement device used vaguely to enforce, or destroy, any perceived form of cause and effect from Gubbermint policy, or announced programs.

It’s all about who controls developing bidirectional ebbs and flows of good, or bad news, and thus the VIX simply helps Gubbermint anticipate future better times based upon misinformed mass perceptions of 52-wl lows on implied volatility.

Who’s in Backwardation?  I’ll Buy That Future.



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