A Bankster Tsunami of QUI TAM Coming Instead of QE?

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Time to chip in about the SEC and Tax Dept.’s lack of big gun enforcement.  We all know that a lack of trust has developed regarding the Fedsury’s financial “Control+Alt+P” system of liquefying a command economy, its rules and regulations for investor protection, etc. and that will take time to repair after what happened to the words TRUST in all prospectus issued since 2007/8.

In the meanwhile, imagine the SEC enforcement division and the IRS with pay-for-performance bonuses rivaling WallStreet DC’s comp. structure.   Who around this table would absolutely now just love to be an Auditor.    Walk the Perps and get .0001% of all international payments seized by Taxpayers as a result of conducting “pay for performance” during tax evasion investigations and global property seizures.

“Smell it, smell it.., Now go get it, Boy!”

It would be the new hit reality show.   BibbyBrian just became a Billionaire!

If Pay for Performance is what you want… then become an Auditor or Whistle-blower, work for or hunt down and find a tax dodger and make $11.7m for the season opening premier show :

RothsChilds Routers-

        “Two whistle-blowers, Victor Bibby and Brian Donnelly, will split $11.7 million out of the $45 million JPMorgan agreed to pay to settle the veterans case, said Brandon Peak, a lawyer working on the case. Claims against other banks in the case are pending.

The settlement underscores the benefits provided to taxpayers from whistle-blowers and the incentives for those who expose fraud through so-called qui tam cases, Peak said.

“This is what qui tam actions are for — to incentivize people to come forward and expose fraud,” he said. “The taxpayers actually receive this money back that they never would have received absent these whistle-blowers.”

Szymoniak said her review of mortgage documents uncovered the practice known as robo-signing, in which bank officials and contractors signed tens of thousands of foreclosure documents at a time without verifying any of the information. The same people also used various job titles on the forms, Szymoniak said. “

So get in line all of you potential Tax auditors, Enforcement Regulators paid by commission, and Whistle-blowers… for you are now the next great “paid for” Job Stimulus Recovery Plan.

I Think I Saw A PuddyCat. 

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