Tapering Behind Fed Doors

Tapering Behind Fed Doors

Did you know the duly un-elected Bankster front-facing FedHead Sub-Servants all have invisible inked tattoos that read: “ZIRP4Ever” written in ancient calligraphy across the backs of each of their member voting hands?BOBOBernank

The question of whether “to taper or not to taper” in two weeks (Sept 17/18) is akin to: shall we now have the “Free Markets” return – or should we just continue with these rigged “Fed Indexes” buying the dips as MSM’s all-time buy-higher touted “opportunities”.

False ideas of any emergency real world financial aid/stimulus really changing anything much in your real World’s economy should be re-thought by Investors (and Taxpayers) after the latter half this G20 controlled decade.   A half decade which has proven nothing but continuous, excessive, central planned bubble-blowing exercises from uncontrolled public debt all aimed at maximizing its citizen’s debt induced serfdom to the 1% Monarch.  Debt Serfdom controlled by targeted low-growth policies, bipartisan co-operation – yes, that’s co-operation to introduce absolutely zero introduced Legislative Bills for change, and no-steam ahead medium of exchange (deflation fighting/inflation inducing) money printing. Greater Fool

Share paper along with Bond paper will now be seemingly blessed forevermore amen by the non-cease and desist orders not flowing out of State’s and Gubbermints DOJ Offices of the Comptrollers/Treasury.   All this just in time for the soon to be played & delayed “non-budgeted” public accounts blackout.  A data blackout which will put the economy on delayed recovery due to government accounts “non-display” as result of temporary budgetary measures initiated by Congress.

The Next Great Bankster’s Controlled Gubbermint Act

wisc labor peace demonstrationsA “partial” shut down of just your needed data, just your needed services – but you can trust that the Mint part of the Gubbermint will stay open 24/7 for quite some time yet.

Shut The Door By Merger and Close Those Cooked Books

We continue to watch Banksters proceed with full Congressional-authorized unaccountability to steal through near daily debt/bond auctions committing evermore tax money (2013-14 $1.2T) not even yet paid by you, or even paid for in full by your children, or even your children’s children.  No apparent cost today you say?


Watch them “Fast-n- Free” Banksters leverage that measly amount of monthly stimulus tapering by 10 times, or 100x or 1000x rolling a term of ten, twenty, thirty, or perhaps 50 years or lately even 100 year debentures – or even more financial “ingenuity” and financial “innovation”, …if we deem need be.

They say, “Don’t fight the 1%’s”

Ritchie Rich

TIME is indeed PRICELESS to the Banksters of today (yesterday’s “Change Makers”) as TIME, if given or taken,  offers a very valuable “get out of jail” for free Card for the Banksters.  HeBraveheart Hold'Emnce a near zero chance of anything other than a “Zero Interest Rate Policy” for the Banksters’ record emergency inter-bank overnight “borrowing” /lending /stealing rates for a very, very long time yet one could expect.  A likely result from this investment thesis is then: a limited yield pickup towards 3.50-3.75% 10 yr or 4.50-4.75 30yr with faux inflation data supports threatening along the way.

Hush, now yTwitter IPO ou Twit… just gimme your private money; now go away Public Investor Relations (confidentially filing of course)

For recent chatter of some tapering $10B per month less in monthly $85B funding vs. $1.02 Trillion in annual stolen amounts forwards is easily made up by leveraging the remaining 90% through “non-disclosed accounts” by a mere .005%, and for just one trading day (either a way up or way down day for a few high share priced momentum stocks/options/futures).  But then again, it is only needed for one day at zero per cent, or we pull the Market/Option Feeders and stand down (NASDARK).ultimate-powerThese forever artificially low “in order to control” Bankster rates results in cash-burn coverage ratios with Rate Risk shock the only input variable now left as the prime Bankster concern.  This fear far exceeding any cost concerns over absolute debt levels, duration, or fear from any “value for the money” public audit for that matter. dark-sideAny chance of a 50 bps overnight Bankster Rate increase you ask? Insert Voice Laugh Track here…clapGubbermint’s Bankster-drafted legislative policies, 3am news/alogo scripts for Fed’s HTF traders for the day ahead, and their chosen DoJ’s, Regulatory Agent’s or ex-GS’s placements, are all of the cracks used for uncontrolled delegation of all LEGAL accountability and oversight protection of your real World, including your real money.faux news pictureAccountability that is without any oversight, or proper protection, is one which also evades all reasonable responsibility for economic losses suffered, as oversight will be blamed upon just plain ignorance.  So again, and again, another ignorant captured regulator will be blamed… for certain unspecified losses.  Tune in next time when your stuck holding the bag.

Tell Me Why I Should Give A Hoot?Vintage VD slide-101

Flash forward as the years pass, those fully-funded defined benefit pension earnings growing into a term uncertain annuity,  and that crime of theft that was committed way back (beyond statutory 5-yr limits) is now long in the past, and now is gone (resulting in pension impairments due to low interest rate offsets).

It was, in fact deemed non-punishable by any Courts, or Tribunal’s claim for any criminal or civil charges whatsoever.  No financial disgorgement for any long-term financial damages to State as a result or consequence.  Restitution for Taxpayers’ outstanding charges now limited for their suddenly lightweight, and now heavily over-taxed wallets and purses.


For remember, Board of Directors’ seats are butt-shared with nearly every public companies Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and Audit Committee Member(s) to ensure, we are not told, limited Investor Class influence and exclusivity from Management’s Board representation.

 GS muppet picture

I’ll take my life savings and go and do something else, somewhere else. And U?free choice comic picData-Dependant Just Like “Tapering A Big One” By Year Endbullcrap

Continuously increased real borrowed money (stolen=borrowed in Bankster Speak) to bail out all Banksters’ private (ie: still rolling 2007/8 market derivative swap) losses though buyback and merger distraction along side the repeating noise of new all time record stock representations.  For everyone knows its (not) free market initiatives we could be enjoying, rather than Banksters’ stimulus highs that we are all now apparently sharing.

funny-pictures-beware-of-the-cute-duckling-scamWhat, no share for you or me, pity.  Funny how “low & steady slow growth” only applies to the real world… but in the top 5%’s playground, it means 100%+ year over year doubling of US-only (ex-MSCI & BRIC) fed indexes into once again bubblicious territory.   Stuck overnight, and now holding soon to be “vaporized” opening.  More pudding and lots more cake please all you suffering MSCI World ex-US indexers.

Get Up , Stand Up, Don’t Give Up The Fight. Stand Up For Your Rights or ZIRP4EVR!Executive_Order_6102_0The recent corporately-controlled main stream media’s relentless focus upon this lousy $10 billion in less money stealing (aka “The Taper Talk”), will somehow cause the “Return of the BIG BAD Free Market!” is an illusion – more likely the root to propel Fed Indexes ever higher to counter blogosphere criticisms and to portray a meaning or importance to Bankster’s MSM analyst interviews and its apparently relevant faux data points as misdirection and cause-n-effect for controlled propaganda messaging for the masses who 58% report to base all their financial decisions making upon the same corporately-controlled newspapers and television information providers.Debt Ceiling chart

It’s no wonder then that is so difficult to learn (ie: think and feel independently) and NOT be brainwashed into thinking like just another corporately-controlled Lemming.  Adjusting ones mindset to change ones own feelings, or else fear the Banksters will make something similar a very nasty surprise one very sad opening day.

popcorn&movieSo we’re not beware of a Scary September or even a Spooky October … nope, rather we worry for a “Nasty November” & for a “December to Remember”.


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