The Coming “Cracktion”

Dear Contra_Folk,

Sometimes Sad Money‘s Kramer can actually help tell little investors something of actual real value and true importance without even knowing it.  A trend bottom forming, or top building exercise perhaps, but what is very interesting is just this last past week, the 1%’s gave much away… too much on Sad Money of all places.  Funny, thing is you don’t even know it yet, or maybe they don’t even care (more likely) that you may know that the “Cat is out of the Ticker Bag”.   Read on to learn much more about the set top tic-tickers.


Attention: All BAG HOLDERS, This is DOJ Holder Speaking… Settlement of Guilty Verdict Reached (Again…and Again).

bankster vow

Take a look at what has been going down lately.  Not much you say. Some things are way up… dollar denominated things that can be converted later, sometime well into the future, back into USD at much higher selling prices after the paperback bail-ins burn out, such as collectible guitars, cars, guns, houses, antiques, planes, boats, art, swords, hats, LP’s, 45’s, arable land, and almost all things that can’t be printed into existence today with fiat money.   A piece of history – if you will, for us short attention span types.


High Ho, High Ho.  It’s off to work to print I owes. High Ho, High No.., New Lo. Oh No!

Aliblabla’s intrinsic-0-valued market capitalization cannibalization of Yahoo is clearly a cash Cusip proceeds extraction as previously stated to fund Japanese Central Banksters activities resulting from the biggest IPO value EVER created from thin air in this Federal Emergency Market of Stocks.  And just like that, Aliblabla is also back-mooring Chinese’s Banksters, going together to take away some $100+ Billions (USD) in real hard US cash from proceeds of IPO disposition from the Cusip (QE) Cabal Printing roadshow planned for North America next month.  You take this Corp’s paper stock certificate in exchange, and I’ll take away your paper USD as a current currency liability from your Government.

Invest In All Things That “Printed Money” Just Won’t Buy!

So don’t worry about the prices you’ve paid, just buy more before it goes much higher – and don’t look at the markets when they go down.  Simple Faster Money rules from far faster times it seems.  Funny, these fancy sheer economic drapes don’t quite match this real world of dirty worn out and pilled carpets.  Frankly Odd.  So, until then… we would be buying in 5ths and 10ths; Selling in Quarters’ & Half’s.

All US Stock Market Capitalization Dec’12                                              $17T

All US Stock Markets Capitalization 1.8 year(s) later  Aug’14                  $26.5 T

ANIMATED BANKER STEALING          +56% in under two (2) years… Where to next, Jimmy? SAD MONEY!  

Speaking of that 1% give-away mentioned on opening regarding Sad Money.  Notice that the Closing Indexes on Sad Money were removed from the tops of your TV’s last week?  No, you did not?  Well it was… and that does not just happen, nor was it really just a co-incidence as you might think, but perhaps more of a menacing market top indicator. Perhaps its nothing, but like the watermarks with upward bias on all CNBS charts, both last year, and to a lesser extent this year’s upward ending curve at far right, we request the right to call it a “BIG 1% SIGN” that things may turn suddenly -10% ugly.

$15 Billion Dollar IPO Silicon Start-Up App Begins Beta Testing: To Make $1 in Revenue (Sales)

Ugly, and it could become more ugly if a habit of daily closes in the reds, rather than always in the green drives in buyers – and thus is money black holewhy the ComaCost’s of the NEW WORLD ORDER were told to remove said ending day stock market S&P index values across CNBS’s North American set tops at dinner time. 

Sell Them More Debt to “Buy It” With!  TV sets which had been, up to now, usually reserved for the yellow, high-lighting banners depicting yet another “All time record High Closing values” in the …..  Dow Jones, Nasdaq and Buffet Indexes, Up +279 Points! Pity, my ROTH IRA is limited to $5K contributions by Legislation.

Beware, Be Still, Keep Calm. Then Move On.



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